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종현 ♥ 민호; 밍블링

Jonghyun ♥ Minho @ lj

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Jonghyun x Minho.
This community is dedicated to the relationship between Kim Jonghyun and Choi Minho of SM Entertaiment's contemporary group, SHINee.

rules and regulations
1. Read the rules before posting.
2. Use the appropriate tags for your post.
3. Posts with an NC-17 rating or higher should be locked.
4. Before posting advertisements, please ask the mod's permission first.
5. Violators are given one week to fix their post. If they don't comply, their post will be deleted.

For complete list of rules and regulations, please refer to this post.

respect each other.
We all live in a world where we can freely express ourselves. Respect the opinions and beliefs of your fellow fans. This is the key to a good and harmonious relationship among the members of the community.

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