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Jonghyun/Minho The Pimp Post

I feel taller today.

Kim Jonghyun x Choi Minho the Pimp Post


Stage name: Jonghyun (종현)
Birth name: Kim Jonghyun (김종현)
Birth date: April 8, 1990
Position: Lead vocal

Jonghyun's passion is music. His pride rightfully lies in his vocals. Onstage, he puts his all into the performances and becomes his most enthralling and charismatic self. Offstage with his members, however, he is a huge hyperactive, silly dork. He talks the most, carrying most of SHINee's interviews. Though on variety shows amongst strangers, where he feels pressured to be funny, he becomes self-conscious and more shy. Jonghyun's also a touchy-feely person, not only to his members, but also to any person he happens to like.

Stage name: Minho (민호)
Birth name: Choi Minho ((최민호)
Birth date: December 9, 1991
Position: Rap and sub vocal

For the first year after SHINee debuted, Minho was quiet. He is especially burdened by the title Flaming Charisma and felt the need to be the cool and mysterious one. Even so, fans can tell that he is extremely sweet and thoughtful, and he ADORES SHINee. His shyness just makes him cuter. Nowadays, he is becoming more talkative and open, though the awkward remains.
Minho is the sportsman of the group. When he was little he even dreamed of becoming an pro athlete, but decided not to because of his father being against it. This boy's competitiveness is no joking matter.

Jonghyun and Minho two members that are deemed the most manly out of five, and one might be thinking, "zomg it breaks the sacred seme/uke concept!!!1!11" Yes, yes, Jongho/Mingbling/Hohyun might not be as fluffy and sugary sweet as some other SHINee pairings, but they are no less charming, equipped with funny antics and all.

Jonghyun sums up Minho as “cheesy but more manly than you think.” [2:09-2:47]. He had said himself that out of all of them he believes he is the lousiest towards the members, which is probably why he adores Minho’s loyalty to SHINee (who btw, put ‘My love…” in front of the members’ name in this phone. Like, I don’t even ♥). He knows that Minho has a hard time expressing himself and thus always prod Minho to talk more, laugh more. Even now, when Minho had emerged out of his shell and is attempting to make his foray into humor, he still sadly remains as serious and unfunny as ever. Jonghyun pretty much finds it amusing and adorable, which is why he often tries to rope Minho into as many potentially embarrassing situations as possible, being the jokester that he is.

Minho appreciates his hyung just as much. Jonghyun wakes him up in the morning, keep promises, knows everything, and LOVES him. I mean what more can Minho ask for? Minho also seem to appreciate Jonghyun's 'cuteness' the most out of all five, like how he doesn't fail to notice when Jonghyun collides with a screen or shit himself over Teletubies!Jonghyun.

Jonghyun, meanwhile, appears carefree and somewhat arrogant, is rather cautious about his image. He never wants to look like he’s trying too hard (as opposed to Minho who doesn’t give a damn about being competitive). Yet, he can’t hide his goofiness and blurts out a lot of ridiculous things, just waiting forMinho to call him out. His displays of coolness are too often smacked down by an unimpressed Minho, who seems to channel all his sarcasm and snark into messing with his hyung. Though Jonghyun says he is satisfied with his own looks, it's obvious he holds a huge childish grudge against Minho’s beauty and model aura. Minho is the source of envy for his height and small face, which Jonghyun deems himself lacking. Him being self-destructive about his own looks adding to Minho's teasing is just hilarious. Really, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Jonghyun is whipped by Minho. Minho's is so comfortable around him that he doesn't really treat him like a hyung because they're just that close and Jonghyun lets him gets away with it because, well, he likes it. If Jonghyun was to file a complain against Minho, it would be “you’re too perfect!”, to which Minho would look down at him and lovingly respond with, “you’re too inadequate.”, then Jonghyun plays up his butthurt, everyone is amused, and all is well. And then they have hot angry sex.

TL;DR, they love messing with each other because they love each other. Now let's have some skinship.

- CRYING OH MY HEART ok what happened here is, they win the Newcomer Award and Minho is comforting Jonghyun who is in hysterical happy tears. the managers tells him to get back to his seat and he goes, to only come back a moment later like he just can't leave Jonghyun, until he is pulled away again. srsly it's illegal to be this precious.
- what chu say?
- Jonghyun crying, Minho comfort ver 2 when they won first place for Love Like Oxygen
- short and feisty as always
- poke poke
- Jonghyun crying, Minho comforts ver 3 [1:27, 3:50] when they won first place for Juliette
- random finger-in-mouth moment
- so much whispering going on with these two
- random ass-scratch moment
- oh look your eye can be as large as mine now
- feeding, and "pls shut up for a bit"
- I'll cover so just do it already
- indirect kiss, kind of. Minho is ttly blocking the cam on purpose lol.
- indirect kiss 2, mission accomplished.
- play-fighting hagljwlgjwljflsd♥

and uh, WATCH HELLO BABY. /redundant


so young and cute ♥

more young and cute.

"Minho my man."

god they're so great ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

putting on the best come-hither face.

no really you two what is going on here.


I know they're just walking, but this is a gorgeous photo ♥


mandatory beautiful photo from mubank win.

"I'm so glad you're okay!!!! *necking*", or something like that.

...hello obvious.

lol Jonghyun, just lol.

"sure hyung, of course. *smirks*"

lol what is that "I don't know what you're talking about" face

*swallows ugly-cry and curls into Minho*

suddenly one day they decide to make it part of the choreo.

I love Jojo sfm.

best for last.

Premiere Magazine
Jonghyun: Minho has the eyes of a cow.
(And it became Minho's official animal I'm not even kidding sobs ♥)

UFO Replies
Fan: Minho yah. Go onto SSTP as a permanent guest during your Second Official Album promotions!!! If it's with Jonghyun next time, it should be very interestingㅎㅅㅎ♡
[JONGHYUN] Seems like the only guy who can control Pomo Guy Minho is me.

Happy8 Magazine
What is Jonghyun's shortcoming?
Jonghyun: That I am too perfect, hahahahaha.
Minho patted Jonghyun's shoulder with the intention to say something but sighed and let go of him. The rest remained speechless.

Who is NO.1 without makeup?
Minho received all votes.
Side Story: Minho was especially happy at this outcome, his smile was really sweet. At the moment, Jonghyun said: "So you are finally happy now right!" which caused Minho to 'strangle' Jonghyun's neck.

Who is the most handsome member?
Taemin, Jonghyun and Onew pointed at Minho. Minho pointed at Jonghyun. Key abstained.
Side Story: Jonghyun pointed at Minho and said: "He's really handsome!"

KBS Radio Rolling Paper
Minho to Jonghyun: Why would you work out in the small computer room...
Jonghyun to Minho: You're tall and have a small face...don't come near me...

Nagoya Fanmeeting
How will you spend this Valentine's day? This year's Valentine's day is in Chinese New Year's holidays and on Sunday.
Jonghyun: Maybe I will spend time with members.
Minho: I hope I spend time with the members, except Jonghyun.
Jonghyun: Actually I don't want to spend Valentine's day with guys...

VI. FICS RECS (I-I think need help with this actually.)
Nine Point (Ten if You Count Flipping Over) by nudge
Sticks and Stone [NC-17] by nudge
Very Long Odds (Except Not Really) by indubutably
Warm Company by little_bibelot
In My Room by little_bibelot
SPF 50 by onew



ㅎㅅㅎ ♥ ㅍ_ㅍ
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